About Us

        Since its establishment in 2005, Hangzhou Botai Auto Parts Co., Ltd. has experienced steady growth and expansion. Over the years, we expanded our reach by incorporating and establishing several subsidiaries, including Hangzhou Weibo Auto Parts Co., Ltd. (founded in 2017), Zhejiang Hongning Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. (founded in 2019), Zhejiang Botai Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. (founded in 2021), and Shandong Weibo Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (founded in 2022), We are also planning to open a new branch in Thailand soon. Our core business focuses on producing and exporting wheel hub units and assemblies to a global market.

        Our portfolio features over 3,000 wheel hub units crafted in our advanced production facilities. These high-quality components are compatible with a broad range of vehicles, including American, European, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese models, ensuring worldwide compatibility and performance.

        We are ISO/TS 16949 certified and have earned a strong reputation for our quality, packaging, and customer service. Our products reach markets across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Mexico, and Southeast Asia.

        Leveraging years of experience, the latest technology, and thorough testing processes, we strive to deliver top-quality products and reliable service to both local and international customers. Our goal is to be recognized as a trusted wheel hub bearing manufacturer.


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  • No.66, Qiangyuan Road, Sanjie Town, Shengzhou City, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province,China

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